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This page introduces our service packaging option
                                ...The Virtual Office.

We can be your "front office" or your "headquarters"
        ....for as few or as many services as you like.  

Here are some examples of clients for whom we have provided Virtual Office services.

EXAMPLE 1:  for a non-profit organization business alliance with a volunteer board of directors, we provide a space and 12 hours a week of services as follows::
    an official, separate office space for their equipment/files in our suite, their signage;
    our full-time team greets their walk-ins, answers their phones with their company       
    voice, picks up and processes their mail daily, checks their e-mail frequently,
    sends and receives faxes for them, performs full-cycle bookkeeping services;
    attends their board and membership meetings, taking minutes;
    provides shipping services for one of their products

EXAMPLE 2:  for a non-profit organization arts organization with a volunteer board of directors, we provide 10 hours a week of services:
    receive/process their e-mail
    develop and maintain their website
    attend their board meetings, taking  minutes    
    develop and maintain a number of databases and spreadsheets
    handle news releases
    maintain their marketing archives

EXAMPLE 3:  for a transportation company, we provide dispatch services
    and related clerical support for same

EXAMPLE 4:  for an annual event production company, we provide 
    our office as their published office address, with mailbox services
    phone answering, e-mail, and fax services 
    website development and maintenance
    marketing support administration support
    attend planning meetings, taking minutes|
    development and maintenance of spreadsheets

EXAMPLES 5, 6 & 7:  for homeowner associations with a volunteer board of directors
    our office as their published office address, with mailbox services
    front desk services for homeowners
    title insurance company resource for home ownership changes
    bill payment station for their homeowners
    full cycle bookkeeping services
    file storage/archives
We would love to give you a free consultation regarding a customized menu of services that we might provide you as an individual, company or organization...short term or long term.  You can call us at 503.622.5560 or simply fill in the Request for Information or Quote and we will contact you.

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