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About Us

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    Our Mission
    Our Four Cornerstones 
    Your Service Team - At Mountain Quail Business Services    
    Your Service Team - At Mt. Hood Regional Visitor Information Center
    Our History

Our Mission

At Mountain Quail, it is our mission to serve each customer with up-to-date, effective business service solutions that 
    a.) free their  time to invest in what they do best, whatever endeavor, and 
    b.) create peace of mind for them...they can rest assured the clerical/administrative details are handled with professional excellence, zero defects, 100% on time.

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Our Four Cornerstones

    Mountain Quail has SOLUTIONS for your business service needs...
        it's your "go-to" company
    Mountain Quail is SIMPLE TO USE...
        it is local, accessible and dedicated to efficient response
    Mountain Quail is EASY TO WORK WITH...
        the team is there to work for you with creative, flexible and
        accommodating ways to achieve the most direct, simple solutions
    Mountain Quail is TRUSTWORTHY...
        the team works diligently to be confidential, meet deadlines and
        present error-free work

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Your Service Team - 
At Mountain Quail Business Services

Our service team is made up of seasoned professionals with strong, well-proven skills in a variety of fields and industries.  This allows us to assemble a team with just the right skills to meet your needs for business service solutions.  Resumes are available upon request.

Marilyn Peterson, BS, MA  - President, General Manager
    Administrative Services, Accounting, Desktop Publishing, Grant Writing, Special Projects
O. Eric ("Rick") Peterson, BS - Secretary/Treasurer, Systems Manager
    Tech Support for Computer Systems/Applications, Website Development and   
    Maintenance, Accounting
Laura Patty, Assistant Manager
    Administrative Services for Virtual Office clientele, Accounting, Mailing Services
Melinda ("Mindy") Peterson, Customer Service Representative
    Administrative Services for Virtual Office clientele, Basic Office Support Service Solutions

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Your Service Team - 
At Mt. Hood Regional Visitor Information Center

Eric ("Rick") Peterson - Systems Manager
   Website development/maintenance, Regional Information Specialist
David Stamm - Customer Service
   Regional Information Specialist

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Our History

Mountain Quail Business Services, Inc. was opened in 1988 by Marilyn and Rick Peterson as a home-based data processing service. Within months, it quickly out-grew the home office space and the Quail moved into the Evergreen Park Building next to the post office in Welches, Oregon.  There it has served the villages at Mt. Hood and beyond ever since with a diverse and ever adapting menu of business service solutions for individuals, organizations, and companies.

Mountain Quail incorporated in 1991.  Its first major growth occurred with the addition of temp help services that specializes first in clerical and administrative support workers for businesses throughout the region.  It now carries a number of other temp help categories.  

It subsequently operated a lobby gift shop Birds of a Feather (all about birds and birding) for nearly 10 years. That retail shop eventually was folded into the operations of a regional visitor information center, which Mountain Quail manages by a personal services contract for Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory,  the Clackamas County Tourism Development Council.

Currently Mountain Quail is showing significant growth in an emerging service often sought by individuals, small companies and non-profit organizations.  Mountain Quail has dubbed this service The Virtual Office.  In short, Mountain Quail serves as the visible, accessible, staffed "Front Desk" and "Staff" for many businesses and organizations, including  Fairway Estates Homeowners Association, Mt. Hood Area Chamber of Commerce, Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge Tourism Marketing Alliance, Mt. Hood Festival of the Forest, Shadow Hawk Homeowners Association and Zig Zag Homeowners Association, among others.

Mountain Quail continues to look to the future, watching developing trends in business support services and finding  ways as they evolve to serve its customers.  Hence the addition of its newest service:  the capability of downloading disks from a variety of digital cameras to compact disks. 

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